Investigating where the supernatural and the natural collide


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Do you believe that life extends beyond death? Do ghosts and spirits exist or are there more rational explanations for the sinister goings on?

Many of the team have had their own personal experiences of the supernatural and have learnt, or been shown how to either cope or deal with it. There are very few situations which they have not had to face.

Not only have we had to deal with the normal paranormal activity associated with hauntings but have also had to face Demonic entities, psychic attacks, curses and witchcraft.

This doesn’t of course mean that there’s anything to fear from the supernatural. After all, in a lot of cases, what is making the hair bristle on the back of your necks and feel uneasy is caused by naturally occurring phenomenon and not the supernatural.

It is also extremely rare for anyone to be harmed by anything supernatural but that doesn’t mean that it is something that you should mess, or interfere with.

If you think you may have a problem with unseen forces please feel free to contact us for advice and reassurance. We have many ways that we can help you using different methods taken from various cultures.

All enquiries and cases are treated as confidential